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Getting Motivated Before a Job Interview

By: Sam Zherka

Job interviews can be intimidating and nerve-racking. The uncertainty of not knowing the questions that will be asked or the type of environment that the company promotes can make you uneasy about the situation and about how well you may perform during the interview. This should not deter your motivation for going into the interview headstrong and with confidence. How do you gain that confidence and that motivation to knock the interview out of the park? Here is a list of way to keep your motivation high before and during your interview.

Do a Test Run
Practice. Practice. Practice. As the saying goes practice makes perfect. Start about a week or so before your interview takes place (depending on your timeline) and do some research on the company and position so you know exactly what you are interviewing for.

Practice your introduction or your elevator pitch to narrow down exactly how you are going to market yourself in the interview. Next, practice some of the more common questions that occur during interviews. Questions like what your strengths and weaknesses are. It’s important to remember to relay them back to how they are positives or how they will help you in the position at hand. Then, think outside the box for questions that will be more related to the position itself and come up with some strong answers. A great idea is to answer the questions with situational examples that you have from your previous experience.

Power Poses
A great non-verbal trick to keep you focused and motivated is to do power poses before you are called into the interview. Studies show that performing power poses for 2 minutes before an interview can have dramatic results to how confident you portray yourself in the interview. You can also click on the link above to see a list of the power poses.

Dress the Part
Dressing your best for interviews comes down to a lot more than just looking presentable to the interviewer. Dressing up can actually increase your confidence as you are interviewing. It will keep your head in the correct frame of mind to show that you are there for a reason and ready to confidently ace the interview.

Think Positive
Last but definitely not least is thinking positively. When it comes down to your motivation and confidence, it boils down to how positively you think about the given situation. If you are down on yourself you are ultimately not going to be confident when you enter the interview room. Staying positive will boost your confidence and your motivation to ensure that you will come out of the interview room having aced the interview.

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