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How to Find Motivation When Things Aren't Going Well

By: Sam Zherka

Staying motivated while things look bleak can be a difficult thing to do. However it is important that you continue to feel encouraged in order to be successful and pull yourself out of the hole you are currently in, but certainly won’t be in forever as long as you stay motivated and have your goals on your mind.

Focus On The Positive

Take a look at what is working out in your life right now. What are three things good that happened today? When things are going wrong it is important to focus on positives to keep you motivated in your career. Focusing on the positive will get you excited to keep going even if things aren’t necessarily going your way. It is easy to narrow in on things that are going wrong in your life and what is stressing you out. Keeping a list of these things will give you something to look back on when you need an extra spark of motivation one day.

Pick A Goal

When things aren’t working out or going well it can be easy to get off track and have a million things on your mind. Instead of being scattered, focus on one goal that you have and the steps you need to take to achieve it. Often, people are discouraged by financial woes or full-on resigned to a fate that society told them is the only path they can take. However, everyone has unlimited potential, they just need to harness it. Once you work towards and achieve the first goal that you laid out, you will continue to gain confidence and be motivated towards further success. Never lose sight of your dreams, even when things aren’t working out at the moment.

Lean On Others

When something isn’t going well, it is okay to ask for help or advice from people. Remember, everyone has been there and you shouldn’t feel ashamed to reach out to people you know or a mentor. When I was growing up I would draw inspiration from my father, who moved here from Albania and worked various maintenance jobs. Even though it wasn’t his dream job, he showed up every day motivated to be the best at what he was doing at the moment, which is something I continued to stay inspired by today.

Achieving your dreams isn’t always going to be a steady uphill victory, you are going to experience ups and downs, as is life. It is important to stay motivated during these times and remember that you can reclaim your life and future at any time.

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