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Networking in the Real Estate Industry

By: Sam Zherka

In the real estate industry it is not just about what you know but also who you know. Finding and leveraging opportunities is extremely important creating a great rapport with your business partners, investory, potential clients, and financial institutions are keys to success. You can be the best real estate mind in the world, but if people don’t want to work with you then you won’t be able to find success.

Bring Your Business Card and Mindset With you Everywhere

It is important to remember that you can make a connection anywhere you go. You never know who you will run into in a coffee shop or start a conversation with at the grocery store who could lead you to new real estate venture or introduce you to someone with who can help you with a current project or even someone you can help mentor. Having your business card ready so you can hand out your information quickly will help lay the foundation for the relationship and them to reach out to you.

Have an Elevator Pitch Ready

Have something prepared for when people ask you what you do or what you are involved with. Seeing you are confident and know what you are talking about will make connections and relationships happen faster and networking a breeze. Have conversation starters ready as well as prepare what you want to ask someone about or what knowledge you can give to them.

Find Value in Relationships and Your Real Estate

Once you initially meet someone and network it is important to maintain those relationships and follow up. Just handing out business cards and grabbing as many as you can isn’t going to create the relationships that you need to grow and help you gain opportunities. Follow up with an email after your first meeting and make sure to touch on points of the conversation so that they remember you. Don’t only think about what they can do for you but also what you can do for them. Being prompt, pleasant, and professional at all times is vital. Engaging and inspiring investors and others in the industry helps you gain influence with industry insiders and allows you to find more opportunities and grow in the real estate industry.

Networking in any career is important but is especially something to be mindful of in the real estate industry. Laying the foundation for future relationships and making connections will help you find success.

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